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Armin Kammerlander on 15 Dec 2017

The Sideways 6 Knowledge Base will soon be the world's largest collection of publicly accessible high-quality articles on employee-led innovation.

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Employee-led Innovation, London Business School, 2013

Getting the Best Employee Ideas, Harvard Business Review, 2008

Five Questions about Getting the Best Employee Ideas, Harvard Business Review, 2004

Even Good Employees Hoard Great Ideas, Harvard Business Review, 2014

Get More Actionable Ideas from Your Employees, Harvard Business Review, 2014

Why Your Employees' Suggestions Aren't Going Anywhere, Harvard Business Review, 2015

Act Like an Entrepreneur Inside Your Organization, Harvard Business Review, 2014

Creating a Culture Where Employees Speak Up, Harvard Business Review, 2016

10 Simple Steps to Get Great Ideas from Your Employees, Interact, 2017

These Three Phrases are Killing Innovation at Your Workplace, FastCompany, 2018

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